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I'm currently a graduate student in New York state, just about to get my license as an occupational therapist. I'm very interested in incorporating nature based therapies into everyday therapeutic practices in a sustainable way. My past "big-girl-jobs" included working in forensic science and as a naturalist in a number of locations. I've worked in many environments, from a laboratory to out on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Recently, I just created a program for combat veterans to interact with non-release pinnipeds, focusing on building an understanding and appreciation for the animals, as well as learning about ocean ecology in order to address PTSD symptoms and (hopefully) change behavior (to both increase the health and well-being of the individuals, as well as changing unsustainable behaviors in the community). I'm hoping to really bring the idea of biomimicry to a therapeutic domain, in many forms. It's hard to change behavior (especially in the States), but I'm continue working on program designs that have duality them, both with immediate benefit as well as addressing bigger environmental issues.

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