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Stacey is a paediatrician and has an enthusiasm for quality improvement (QI) work and medical education and in 2019 co-founded a paediatric medical education podcast called DragonBytes. Stacey will be building on her medical education and QI work during this year by working to embed sustainability within quality improvement training and medical education.

Stacey enjoys walking in green spaces, yoga and tennis as well as choral singing.

As a Paediatric doctor and mother she has a passion for advocating for the health and wellbeing of humans now and for future generations. Stacey was delighted to be able to take up the post Welsh Clinical Leadership Fellowship Sustainable Healthcare to focus these passions and advocate for transformation to more sustainable NHS services to reduce the impact of healthcare on the global climate and health crisis. As part of this work she will be sitting on the Welsh Government strategic programme board for decarbonising NHS Wales and be an active member of Green Health Wales.

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