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I'm CEO of an organisation that works in partnership with the NHS, Red Cross and Herts Help in Hertfordshire to provide regular walks and other physical activity - free of charge - to unpaid carers and the people they care for. We deliver the walks, sociability, companionship, free lunches & fun to improve mental and physical health and help banish loneliness. The overall mission is to embed walking and social contact in the profoundly challenged lives of unpaid carers and those they support. We see tangible improvements (independently evaluated) in their personal resilience, health & happiness with a resultant drop in the demands they need to make on the NHS. Our activities are socially prescribed through many NHS networks. Not only is walking the most sustainable exercise in which carers can take part, they have a sustainable legacy. Every walk carers and those they support undertake, having built up their confidence, boosts their well-being and reduces demand on transport.


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