Net Zero Mental Health Care Webinar Series

Rachael Ward

Developing nature based and preventative interventions to build sustainable services

In this webinar we will be looking at the benefits of nature based interventions and preventative care. The South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust will be presenting their innovative nature based interventions and the benefits they have seen to patient care and carbon reduction. The Space Somerset, who collaborated with South West Somerset Integrated Care System  on the intervention, will demonstrate how they have improved preventive mental health interventions for children and young people and developed a local Community of Support, which involved utilising local nature based resources.

Speakers: SLAM and The Space Somerset

SLAM: Peter O’Hare MSc. BBS, Dip OT, Dip HT. Peter is Head Occupational Therapist at Bethlem Royal Hospital, he has also trained in Horticultural Therapy and Dance & Movement Therapy and has worked in specialist psychiatry for over 30 years. As a champion dancer and published poet he has always had an interest in the benefits of creative therapies for wellbeing and was instrumental in establishing the Bethlem Gallery to promote the arts in mental health. His current clinical interests lie in developing practical activity-based treatments for mental well-being with a focus on sustainable healthcare and healing environments. He has played a leading role in developing award-winning sustainable initiatives at Bethlem Hospital including the building of a walled kitchen garden, the restoration of old orchards and the establishment of nature trails so that the potential benefits of the natural environment can be accessed  and experienced by all.

The Space Somerset:

John Pimblott: PhD Industrial Chemist with a business background, specializing as Quality Assurance Director and Business Excellence Leader for a global Engineering Corporation. He found his social justice and community passion after retirement, beginning with being Chair of the Cheddar Medical Centre Patient Group, becoming aware of children and young people’s mental health challenges, that led directly to The Space’s  inception 2017.  John has been part of the vast changes establishing The Space as a charity and helping to lead to what is has become today. Currently Chair of Trustees of The Space, and Director of the Cheddar Community Partnership. John is keen on building a Circle of Support around children and young people to enhance their resilience and wellbeing to thrive in later life.

Mandy Bancroft: My background in Mental Health Nursing is the fundamental routes to my desire to improve social equality, health and education. My passion around equality and diversity was reflected in my past role as Director for Widening Participation and Student Success at the University of the West of England. During my career, my experience and skills have been in understanding mental health issues, particularly in relation to young people. Alongside my nursing and academic career, I have been engaged in roles including governing, directing and being a trustee. I have used my expertise to engage and connect different groups for the benefit of all. I am excited about being a Trustee for The Space and improving provision for children and young people’s mental health in the Cheddar Valley area.

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