Sensory Connections - Nature Experiences with Dementia Adventure

Una Devlin

Dementia Adventure's expert training team will support you to think differently about dementia and other cognitive impairments. Together, we will consider the health and wellbeing benefits of sensory engagement with nature using outside space and bringing nature inside, and how to make this accessible at your healthcare site.

Tickets are £15. Book them through Eventbrite.

As a result of this 2-part workshop, you will:

  • Gain awareness of the benefits of nature and being outdoors

  • Learn practical steps to plan outdoor experiences and improve confidence and motivation to step outside

  • Improve your understanding of sensory engagement

  • Learn practical ways to connect/engage a person with dementia in nature

  • Increase your understanding of what makes a dementia friendly/inclusive experience

  • Gain tools, tips and templates to plan a successful outdoor experience and engaging with nature indoors

We will include the voices of people living with dementia and carers throughout the session, discussing real scenarios and proven strategies that inspire and encourage positive change.

This workshop will give you all the tools you need to create dementia-friendly spaces and experiences at your healthcare sites, so that you walk away ready to deliver rather than adding to your to-do list.

Session 1: Sensory Connections, Nature Experiences - Tues 19th March 2024, 10am - 1pm

In this first session, Dementia Adventure will equip you with the skills, tools and knowledge to create sensory connections with nature for people living with cognitive impairments.

Session 2: Nature Experiences - Taking and Sharing Next Steps - Thurs 2nd May 2024, 10am - 12pm

This second session will be an opportunity to share what steps have been taken since the first workshop, discussing any barriers that have been met and how to address them, sharing success stories and building a network of support.


This project is funded by the Trees Call to Action Fund. The fund was developed by Defra in partnership with the Forestry Commission and is being delivered by the Heritage Fund. The course fee will go towards the NHS Forest.

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