The carbon footprint of ambulatory gastrointestinal endoscopy

Robin Baddeley
Robin Baddeley • 16 May 2023

A French group have conducted a carbon footprint of a small, specialised ambulatory endoscopy unit in Strasbourg, France.

They estimate each endoscopy procedure generates 28kg CO2e, with patient and staff travel the biggest contributor (45%) to the footprint.

Resource author(s)
Joel Lacroute, Juliette MARCANTONI, Stephane PETITOT, Julien WEBER, Patrick LEVY, Bastien DIRRENBERGER, Irina Tchoumak, Mat- hilde BARON, Stéphanie GIBERT, Sandrine MARGUERITE, Anne DERLON, Olivier Gronier, Jerome Huppertz.
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May 2023

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