Case studies of teaching on climate & sustainable healthcare in medical schools 2011-12

Isobel Braithwaite
Isobel Braithwaite • 10 May 2013

This document has a set of case studies from UK medical schools that have been trying out ways of teaching medical students about the links between climate, sustainability and health.  Most of the ones included are SSCs (student-selected components) apart from Liverpool, which has integrated elements across the first two years of its PBL course.  This is a reflection of the fact there is at present not a significant amount of teaching in the core curriculum - where it does exist, it is generally limited to one, possibly two, lectures. 

It's a working document rather than a final version; if you have a case study you'd like to add for future versions, get in touch either with me ( or Frances (; we'll essentially need the same sort of information that you'll find in these case studies, and can collect it either in a Word document or via a telephone interview.

Resource publishing organisation(s) or journal
The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare
Resource publication date
March 2013

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