Climate Change Committee Report

Laura-Jane Smith
Laura-Jane Smith • 15 July 2023

Each year since 2008 when the Climate Change Act became law, the Climate Change Committee publishes a progress report, providing a comprehensive overview of the UK Government’s progress to date in reducing emissions.

The 2023 report concludes that there is a lack of urgency, and policy development continues to be too slow. Not only this, the UK is undermining its own commitments by supporting new North Sea Oil and a Cornwall Coal Mine. Agriculture and land use has no strategy or policy at all. 

Despite new detail from Government on Net Zero plans, with the publication of the Carbon Budget Delivery Plan, confidence in the UK meeting its medium-term targets has decreased in the past year. It is essential to increase the pace of delivery of carbon reductions and to make clear plans for adaptation. 

Whilst not specific to Respiratory this is an important and useful policy report. There is a short video summarising the content if you're short on time or are not a fan of reports, and there are some useful images in the report itself. 

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June 2023

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