An early pop-up mpox vaccine clinic

Rebecca kenny
Rebecca kenny • 4 July 2023

Due to climate change the risks and variety of pandemics is increasing. This is an article written by an American nurse practitioner about their experience of setting up a vaccination programme for mpox. It can be used as a example of how nurses can lead and collaborate with the multidisciplinary teams (pharmacists, public health officials) to lead responses to global health emergencies. This article investigates mpox, formerly known as monkeypox, which emerged as a viral zoonotic disease in 2022. This means a disease that can be transmitted to humans from animals. The WHO declared a global pandemic in July 2022. Through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's emergency use authorization, JYNNEOS became the dominant vaccine for prevention of mpox.

The article looks at how California leads the nation in the number of U.S. cases. The outbreak created opportunities for a nurse practitioner-led pop-up vaccination clinic in the Los Angeles County. Interprofessional teamwork with pharmacists and public health officials increased the number of individuals vaccinated. By November, the WHO released operational planning guidelines. Nurse practitioners can use these guidelines in anticipation of the next pandemic or to better inform on preventative actions.

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Rodney W Hicks, Christopher Blackwell
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April 2023

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