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Olivia James
Olivia James • 18 June 2023

Link to OpenPrescribing which allows the analysis of data about the drugs prescribed by GPs from across general practices in England. 

There are two measures relating to the carbon footprint of prescribed inhalers: 1. Prescribing of non-salbutamol Metered Dose Inhalers and 2. Average carbon footprint per salbutamol inhaler. 

These indicators can be found by choosing “Greener NHS” prescribing measures and can be used to monitor and motivate lower carbon choices. They can be viewed at various resolutions (from individual GP practices to Regional Teams), by selecting the appropriate drop-down option from the ‘Area and Practice Dashboards’ tab. The ‘Analyse’ tab can be used to create searches which show the prescribing volume of any specified inhaler(s) over time.

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Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science, University of Oxford
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January 2023

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