First Indications of Omsk Haemorrhagic Fever Virus beyond Russia

Rebecca kenny
Rebecca kenny • 7 July 2023

This article looks at how biodiversity is influencing human health. This paper contains a broad investigation of the spread of OHFV (Omsk haemorrhagic fever virus) in Kazakhstan in human cerebrospinal fluid samples, rodents and ticks. The study shows for the first time that OHFV can not only be found in the area of Western Siberia in Russia but can also be detected up to 1,600 km away in the Almaty region in patients and natural foci.

Resource author(s)
Wagner, E., Shin, A., Tukhanova, N., Turebekov, N., Nurmakhanov, T., Sutyagin, V., Berdibekov, A., Maikanov, N., Lezdinsh, I., Shapiyeva, Z., Shevtsov, A., Freimüller, K., Peintner, L., Ehrhardt, C., & Essbauer, S.
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April 2022

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