Green Surgery report

Frances Mortimer
Frances Mortimer • 15 November 2023

A landmark report, laying the groundwork for reducing the carbon footprint of surgical care. The Green Surgery report has involved significant input and collaboration with individuals and organisations working across the surgical care pathway. 

Green Surgery report coverReducing the emissions produced during surgery would be a significant step towards the NHS achieving its aim to be net zero by 2045. The report shows that solutions are available and in many cases could result in better options for patients while at the same time costing the NHS less.

The report is believed to be the world’s first detailed account of how to reduce the environmental impact of surgical care while maintaining high quality patient care and potentially saving the NHS money.

Reducing and reusing products used in surgery, shutdown checklists for operating rooms to save energy when they are not in use, switching to less harmful anaesthetics, and surgeons and patients working together to optimise their treatment are all highlighted as ways in which carbon emissions could be reduced.

The report includes a clear set of recommendations for everyone involved in surgical care, including colleges, associations and societies, NHS, policy makers, clinicians and patients.

The report was produced by the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change, Brighton and Sussex Medical School and the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. It was funded by the Health Foundation. ​​​​​​​

Resource publishing organisation(s) or journal
Brighton & Sussex Medical School, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, and UK Health Alliance on Climate Change
Resource publication date
November 2023

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