SusQI Case Study - Reducing Continence Product Waste

Rachael Ward (CSH)
Rachael Ward (CSH) • 12 October 2023

This project was part of the 2023 Green Team Competition at South Warwickshire University NHS Foundation Trust, implemented by colleagues from our neuro-rehabilitation team.

Team Members:

  • Kathy Wagstaff, Clinical Lead Nurse
  • Abbie Cooke and Gill Turberfield, Ward Coordinators
  • Babitta Rani and Sandra Timms, Ward Clerks
  • Avril Baker, Nicola Compton and Fiona Franklin, Housekeepers

Project Aim:

To understand how many Vernicare continence items were being disposed of unused, and to reduce this wastage via education to the clinical team.


Reduced the number of items being wasted from an average of 25.5/day, to just 5/day. This is an 80% reduction in wastage.

The reduction of 20.5 items wasted equates to a saving of 1.61kgCO2e each day. Over a year, this is an anticipated saving of 588kgCO2e, equivalent to driving 1,725 miles in an average car.

Over a year, this is expected to bring financial savings of £2,172, as well as an additional £50.37 from a reduction in macerator electricity and water consumption.

There is no clinical impact to patients, as they will still receive the products they need.


Click here for more information on the Green Team Competition (including organisation impact reports).

Resource author(s)
Kathy Wagstaff, Clinical Lead Nurse. Abbie Cooke and Gill Turberfield, Ward Coordinators. Babitta Rani, Sandra Timms Ward Clerks. Avril Baker, Nicola Compton & Fiona Franklin, Housekeepers.
Resource publishing organisation(s) or journal
Centre for Sustainable Healthcare
Resource publication date
July 2023

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