Towards net zero: asthma care

Laura-Jane Smith
Laura-Jane Smith • 26 June 2023

This practice pointer article is part of a series in the BMJ on the theme of 'Towards Net Zero'. This article explores where carbon emissions come from in asthma care and why it's so important to reduce them, and explores actions we can take in clinical practice to make asthma care less damaging to the environment, and therefore protect tomorrow's patients.

The article is split up into the problem and the solutions, and includes patient case studies to demonstrate how to put the solutions into action. It not only looks at what individual clinicians can do, but also the change needed at national level and those that are required by pharmaceutical companies. There are links to resources for both patients and clinicians. 

I hope that you find this article interesting and directly useful to your practice. Comments would be welcome, both here, and as responses to the article via the BMJ. 


Resource author(s)
Smith L E, Bhugra R, Kelani R Y, Smith J
Resource publishing organisation(s) or journal
British Medical Journal (BMJ)
Resource publication date
June 2023

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