Is action on sustainability just for managers and policy makers?

Susie  Martin
Susie Martin • 3 November 2023

Leadership is being pushed forward in many sectors now, across all levels of experience, as the NHS leadership academy will advocate. I think we do now realise that many of us have a leadership position, no matter what size or shape it takes. It was therefore with interest that I listened to the Kings Fund latest podcast on Young Leaders :… 


The SLT Susnet is actively trying to engage with SLT students and their universities to think about what their curriculum offers in terms of teaching content on sustainability and how they can weave sustainability into their placements, thereby generating a workforce which is capable of creating sustainable services and implementing change which will positively impact people, planet and finances. Students can also help busy qualified therapists learn more about sustainability e.g. offering to share the evidence base. 


The Kings Fund podcast highlights how important young leaders are, and what a difference they can make. The SLT Susnet will therefore continue to try and reach all our young leaders and support them to learn and share about sustainable practice. The conversation, action and change to develop a sustainable healthcare system and communities is not just up to our experienced leaders and people in policy positions, but open to the collective, organised action of everyone. 

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