CASCADES Publishes Sustainable Occupational Therapy Playbook

Ben Whittaker
Ben Whittaker • 25 March 2024

CASCADES (Creating a Sustainable Canadian Health System in a Climate Crisis) have published the Sustainable Occupational Therapy playbook, which is available here

This playbook provides background information, resources, and considerations to guide more sustainable and climate-resilient occupational therapy. It also highlights the contributions that occupational therapy can make in transitioning current healthcare systems towards high-quality, low-carbon, sustainable and climate-resilient care.

The playbook was developed in collaboration with partners, through a compilation of a literature review and experiences from practicing occupational therapy professionals and guidance from experts in the field.

Lead author, Janet Craik, is an Occupational Therapist, Instructor in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, University of Toronto and CASCADES’ Rehabilitation Lead.

She says, “The playbook will be a great resource for all of us in the occupational therapy field: practitioners, trainees, educators, and researchers as well as well as referring practitioners, managers, and healthcare and social service planners. It combines an articulation of the sustainable value proposition that occupational therapy offers health and social systems with practical ways to integrate sustainability into occupational therapy practice.”

“I am so pleased for more people to learn about these opportunities to be proactive and anticipatory in our actions and provide sustainable, climate resilient occupational therapy.”


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