Clinician support for Tree Equity Score project

Una Devlin
Una Devlin • 14 November 2023


The Green Space for Health team at CSH are looking for clinicians (of any specialty) who would be happy to lend their voice to the Tree Equity Score project. The Tree Equity Score project is a high profile project being delivered in collaboration with the Woodland Trust and American Forests. There are two key things we need help with:

  • A quote (or possibly longer interview if relevant) for an article about the importance of access to trees for health
  • A Sheffield (or surrounding area) based clinician who would be happy to speak at an event in Sheffield on 7th December about the importance of trees for health

We're looking for any clinicians who are particularly passionate about trees and their role in supporting health outcomes. If this describes you and you would be happy to help or would like to know more, please email me - Thank you!

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