Dietary interventions for Respiratory Health

Laura-Jane Smith
Laura-Jane Smith • 27 September 2023

It's 2 weeks since the incredible VegMed 2023 conference, bringing together international experts on the benefits of a whole grain plant-based diet for both personal and planetary health. There is a wealth of published evidence on the benefits for patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, inflammatory arthritis and more, but lung health can feel left behind. Which is why it's exciting to see the latest Plant based Health Professional UK fact sheet on airway health - free to download and share. 

The resource highlights data on lifestyle interventions for airway health, particularly rhinitis and asthma, including sleep, exercise, toxin and allergen avoidance and a plant predominant diet. 

What do you advise your patients in relation to diet? 

What studies have you come across that you can share with the network?  

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Nuala Hampson
Nuala Hampson

Thanks for highlighting, this Laura-Jane Smith So many great factsheets on here! I love the healthy meal swaps - a really practical way to start making small changes! Have also discovered a pharmacist fact sheet - posting to pharmacy network now!!

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