E-Cargo Bikes

Rachel Cottam
Rachel Cottam • 20 February 2024

Good afternoon, anyone out there using e-Cargo bikes for pharmacy or lab sample transfer? Sheffield Teaching Hospitals is spread across multiple sites and we are looking at less carbon intensive options for transferring equipment.

Any advice?

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Jacqueline Gordon
Jacqueline Gordon

Rachel - can I put you in touch with Andy - He's trying to get ebikes adopted by community staff in South Yorkshire He's a paramedic by background and this year Chief Sustainability Officer's clinical fellow. He will have knowledge of the area and all cargo bike transport. See his presentation on this CSH website under AHP presentations: WEST, Andy (NHS SOUTH YORKSHIRE ICB - 03N) . I know that Oxford (JR) was using cargo bikes for pharmacy to speed discharge home but avoiding traffic for TTO pharmacy deliveries. Maybe worth talking to them too.

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