Embedding sustainability into paediatric governance

Emma Vittery
Emma Vittery • 3 April 2024

Hi all - I am hoping to support our Trust's neonatal team to embed sustainability into governance and practice, through our Trust's 10 step sustainability framework that our fab sustainability department have made and supported a number of departments and directorates to introduce (Newcastle upon Tyne). I'm also hoping to negotiate buy in for this to be introduced at board level - and also trying to collate some feedback on the framework from our early adopter departments / directorates. 

I'm just wondering:

a) if anyone has any feedback on just eyeballing the outline of the framework?

b) if any other Trusts/businesses have a framework for embedding sustainability in this sort of manner, that you would be happy to share / discuss? and wins / challenges for implementing them?

c) if anyone can share successes for strengthening / utilising green champion networks? 

  • Appoint a Sustainability Lead
  • Connect to expertise, support and resources – internally or externally
  • Build a network of Green Champions and Sustainability Ambassadors
  • Increase knowledge by accessing training
  • Embed sustainability into strategies or produce a statement
  • Embed sustainability into decision making processes
  • Establish a sustainability working group which meets regularly to drive forward improvements
  • Identify the main sustainability impacts arising from your activities, and work to reduce these impacts
  • Create an action plan and monitor progress towards the aims contained within it
  • Report progress and share success stories to inspire others

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