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Rob Cross
Rob Cross • 31 July 2023

Here in Cardiff we currently use Draeger ventilators and have noticed that the flow sensors are not a single use item. We are looking at the option to clean them and reuse which is something we used to do pre covid. We have though since switched from using bacterial filters and HMEs to a humidified circuit that doesn't use bacterial filters. We have a number of concerns about effective cleaning of the sensor given the removal of filters. Has anybody else considered this at all?


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Subramani Kandasamy
Subramani Kandasamy

The Hamilton ventilators are unique in having external flow sensors. They sit close to the Y piece and we dispose them.… In Draeger, the flow sensors to my understanding is near the expiratory valve of the breathing circuit. Not sure if you will have to sterilize it frequently as the flow of gas is one way. HME filters are the best in your case. We used to have two filters, an extra one in the expiratory limb during COVID time, but there is a risk of expiratory flow obstruction. I have attached a document on Draeger flow sensor if you have not seen earlier.

Amanda Speers
Amanda Speers

Hi Rob,
In Sussex we use Draeger ventilators.
We use Spiriclens DB spray, hard surface Denatured Ethanol Alcohol Spray 70%.
Spray inside and out, leave to air dry on a hand towel and pop into a sealed bag hanging on the back of the ventilator.

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