Forest School and SLT

Katy Watson
Katy Watson • 21 May 2024

I am a 2nd year SLT undergraduate and my choice of research project this year is Forest School and the role of the SLT. I am interested in how outdoor therapy could contribute to the sustainability agenda through encouraging pro-environmental attitudes and empowering clients to be part of the climate change conversation. I think Forest School could be used as a setting for paediatric intervention and collaboration with Forest Schools could help support speech and language development. I wondered if others are having similar thoughts and whether we could connect

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Jacqueline Gordon
Jacqueline Gordon

Hi , sounds a great project - I'd love to hear more. There is a gardening group at GOSH which is for therapy and rehabilitation but I don't think they measured language development (contact also there are lots of school gardening groups which might be a way to get some info - working with either the gardeners or hte SLTs involved. Annabelle Burns is a Paeds SLT in Homerton doing lots of stuff on sustainability (

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