Free Short Course in Climate Psychology

Jim Davey-Hewins
Jim Davey-Hewins • 13 February 2024

Climate Psychology: Facing the Climate Crisis


This free course introduces the emerging field of Climate Psychology. It is now widely accepted that facts about climate change, taken alone, do not promote change. There is growing recognition that deeper psychological perspectives, beyond traditional psychological approaches, could enrich environment movements. Additionally, evidence is building that climate change can lead to negative consequences for mental health and wellbeing. Taking a critical eco-psycho-social perspective you will explore ideas from social theory, psychoanalysis, ecopsychology, eco-feminism and post-humanism to gain a deeper understanding of the climate and ecological crisis, its impact on our wellbeing and how to build psychological resilience. 

This course is endorsed and supported by the Climate Psychology Alliance.…

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Jim Davey-Hewins
Jim Davey-Hewins

Hi Karen, that’s brilliant, best of luck with setting up your Climate Cafe. The Climate Psychology Alliance are a great source for relevant trainings and resources in this area.

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