How important are educational interventions as a tool for improving dietary health?

Simon Gibbons
Simon Gibbons • 12 October 2023

More valuable insight on policy regarding improving dietary health from the Food Foundation.

This is a briefing directed at investors to encourage support of policies that change the food environment after 30 years of strategies and nearly 700 policies that generally focused on individual behaviour rather than food environments and failed to stop the rise in obesity and overweight.

I recognise that nutritionists and dieticians deal with individuals and helping them with their personal diet but it seems that that work is completely undermined without the support of policy makers to reduce the delivery and promotion of unhealthy food.…


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Laura-Jane Smith
Laura-Jane Smith

Really interesting and so important to consider the food environment. We know how much this drives behaviour. As health professionals and other people with expertise in nutrition I think we have an important role in describing the links between environment and health esp health inequalities and acting as advocates and campaigners to change this.

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