Lean Management for Greener Practices in Surgery - Interview Request

Christie Tsang
Christie Tsang • 7 February 2023

A research project exploring Lean management for greener practices in surgery is being conducted by intercalating medical students from Imperial College London. 


We are writing to request an interview with anyone with experience in sustainability, quality improvement or within the operating theatre. We are looking to gather perspectives on the barriers/facillitators in the implementation of lean management practices and would appreciate a range of experiences.

Our project aspires to contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint and increase sustainability in surgery.

The team will ensure the interview process is as convenient as possible for you. The interview would last roughly 15 minutes and would take place between 21st February to 31st March.

If available, please contact the team using the email provided below and let us know the best time and date to schedule an interview.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Christie Tsang


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