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Antonio Ruiz
Antonio Ruiz • 3 December 2023

Hi everyone!

I just started as a networks co-lead for the primary care group. I currently work at London & Partners and MedCity, as a Programme Manager for Life Sciences.

For my first post, I would like to share some free resources that I found useful for anyone that wants to start the journey in healthcare sustainability, or perhaps learn more about the technical aspects of how businesses can contribute to net-zero.

Sustainability Leadership for Greener Health and Care Programme  

This is a programme designed to develop your leadership abilities, giving you the tools and knowledge to build a greener, more sustainable health system. This course is aimed at aspiring leaders who want to contribute to influencing the net-zero agenda and leading the system to a more sustainable future. The programme is free for public sector health and care staff. Link


Carbon literacy for healthcare programme

Do you want to be part of the transformative journey the NHS is undertaking? Enrol now and gain a deep understanding of the critical link between climate change and healthcare. This programme will help you discover how climate change is putting the health of patients at risk and explore the remarkable strides the NHS has made in leading the charge against greenhouse gas emissions. This programme is specially relevant to NHS staff with access to the NHS Learning Hub. Link


School for Change Agents

Would you like to develop skills to make a difference and create change in health and care? The School for Change Agents by NHS Horizons is a free, online, self-paced course designed for health and care staff at any level to build the confidence and community to unleash their inner change agent! Link


Climate Impact Checkup online course

The Climate Impact Checkup course, organised by Healthcare Without Harm, has been specially developed to support health care facilities and systems worldwide toward sustainable, resilient, and low-carbon health care. This course comprehensively covers GHG emissions fundamentals and guides participants on creating a carbon management plan. This course is for anyone in the health care sector who wants to measure the carbon footprint of their institutions, and no previous knowledge on the topic is required. Link


Wearable technology for personal sensing of air pollution and other environmental exposures

An advanced training short course organised by Imperial College London, and University of Exeter, and funded by UKRI, on the importance of wearable sensors for environmental research, as well as how to use them. This course is for technical staff and researchers who wants to learn more about exposure science. Link


Besides these learning resources, there are some accelerator opportunities for innovators that want to bring social impact in the healthcare and sustainability fields.


The Shine Programme

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your innovative ideas into impactful ventures. The Shine Programme, brought to you by Swiss Re, is offering a chance to win a financial award of up to £30,000 to fuel your growth. Whether you're passionate about social innovation, climate action, achieving net zero, or contributing to health and wellness, this programme is your gateway to making a real difference. Link


London Health Accelerator for Social Enterprise

A free programme tailored specifically for social enterprises working in or seeking to work in London’s health and life sciences sector. Organised by the School for Social Entrepreneurs and MedCity, the programme aims to support Social Enterprises based in London to scaleup their businesses. Link

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