New article: Time to act sustainably: Why can’t we wait any longer?

Patricia de Oliveira Furukawa
Patricia de Oliveira Furukawa • 11 November 2023

I share with you a recently published article with reflections on the need for health services and professionals implement sustainable actions. I hope you appreciate!

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Karen Rock
Karen Rock

I would add please all healthcare professionals and workers to join Medact or Health XR and be part of highlighting the climate and ecological emergency we are in - the biggest health crisis we face. Be part of creating, supporting or participating in actions to provide information and demand effective action from the next government. Check the Health XR website to join, and help change the future. PS its fun and you meet lots of lovely people too!

Sarah Andersen
Sarah Andersen

Hi Karen, I agree that we need to act. Protest is important, critical, however I am also looking for what comes next - what kind of healthcare system do we want to create? I think the change in mindset needs to run deep.

Angela Evans
Angela Evans

Dear All,

You may be interested in this curricula work we've been doing - free to share - please read on:

The Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow has been working to address climate change and sustainability, and established a ‘Sustainability Steering Group’ (November, 2022).

Human health and wellbeing are fundamentally dependent on the health of our planet and the natural world. Current and future students of healthcare and medicine will be affected by climate change as clinicians, and as citizens.

Whilst climate change does pose serious threats to our health, and the natural systems upon which our health depends, climate action is our greatest opportunity for better health and wellbeing. Resilient and sustainable health services are our best medicine to slow and protect us all from climate change.

If this curriculum content is to achieve one thing of value, it will be that all students and graduates who engage with it, will forever live with respect for the interconnectedness of all life. Biodiversity, rather than anthropocentricity, sustains us all.

Access the Green Podiatry Teaching and Learning modules - both are FREE!

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Include the Green Podiatry Teaching and Learning modules for all student learning to ensure that graduates live and work sustainably.

With best wishes, and kind regards,


A/Prof Angela M. Evans AM | Adjunct Associate Professor
PhD, FFPM RCPS (Glasg), Dip App Sc (Pod), Grad Dip Soc Sc (Child Devel)
Discipline of Podiatry I School of Allied Health, Human Services and Sport
La Trobe University I Victoria I 3086 I Australia

Sarah Andersen
Sarah Andersen

Thanks Angela - I will look this up. Love this bit: "Resilient and sustainable health services are our best medicine to slow and protect us all from climate change." Not sure if you are in Glasgow or Australia, also not sure that it matters!

Angela Evans
Angela Evans

Hi Sarah, I live in Australia, and you're right - it doesn't actually matter - all on the one planet!
Thanks for your interest, and hope you enjoy the Teaching & Learning modules (70% is broadly applicable to all health/medicine students and clinicians. So share freely!

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