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Kate Crossland
Kate Crossland • 6 June 2024

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Palliative Care Sustainability Network June 2024 Newsletter

Greener Palliative Care Framework- can you share examples?

We’ve had our first working group meeting and are making good progress on developing our model. Look out for updates soon! We will be launching the framework at the Hospice UK Conference in November. We particularly need examples of good practice specifically from palliative care or hospice teams- if you have been involved in greening your work in some way please let us know via the email below. 


webpage showing question relating to envirnomental aspects of NHS

NHS Constitution: new environmental value

The NHS Constitution is currently undergoing its 10 year review. Included for the first time is a question on including a new NHS value of environmental responsibilities. Please take a look and submit your feedback via the link below- ours is the value should be more strongly worded.

NHS Constitution: 10 year review - GOV.UK (


Plants First Healthcare are asking for people to sign their letter are calling on all NHS hospitals and organisations across the United Kingdom to adopt a “Plant-Based by Default” food menu to improve health outcomes, cut carbon emissions, reduce pandemic risk, limit antibiotic resistance and decrease food costs, all without restricting choice. You can sign via

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