PHRC Pharmacy - Student Lead Needed

James Lee
James Lee • 7 October 2023

Hey Pharmacy Network - The Planetary Health Report Card team is desperately trying to recruit a student to lead PHRC Pharmacy. 

Ellie Self has done a fantastic job in the role with 6 pharmacy courses publishing reports last year - - but Ellie is stepping down and we need someone to fill this role. 

If you know students interested in this area - it is an awesome leadership opportunity for a passionate student to join an international team driving the development of planetary health education. 

Please share the below link with your networks - it contains more information about the role and students can register their interest - any questions please ask. 

We are really keen to seen the PHRC grow in this discipline, we need a new student lead asap! 

Thanks in advanced for your help! 


James Lee, PHRC Communications Chair 



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