Planet Centred Care - BMJ Podcast Series

Jennifer Nixon
Jennifer Nixon • 21 November 2023

The BMJ has recently published a 5-episode podcast series titled Planet Centred Care, which covers a range of themes related to sustainable healthcare. These include why sustainable healthcare is better for patients and for staff, and how to talk about sustainable healthcare (I found this one particularly useful). It's hosted by Florence Wedmore (a doctor in the UK who has worked closely with the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, and a previous Chief Sustainability Officer Clinical Fellow) and Loren De Freitas (a doctor in Trinidad and Tobago, and a Freelance Clinical Editor with the BMJ), and features guests from around the world. It's freely available, just search for "The BMJ Podcast" wherever you get your podcasts from, and see the episodes released between 1/9/23 and 14/10/23. 

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