Planetary Health Report Card- Medical Students Wanted!

Rebecca McEwen
Rebecca McEwen • 23 October 2023

Hi! I am one of the UK medical co-leads for the Planetary Health Report Card (PHRC). Currently, I am recruiting medical schools to take part in this year's PHRC. If you aren't familiar with the PHRC, it provides institutions with a needs assessment tool that allows the identification of areas where planetary health education is lacking. Our website:

We have managed to recruit a huge amount of UK-based schools so far but are still looking for students at Nottingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Newcastle Malaysia, Birmingham, Aston, and HYMS to take part.

If you are a student at one of these schools and would like to take part please fill in this Google sheet:

Any students who are at a school not mentioned above who would like to get involved fill in the Google sheet and I can put you in touch with your school lead.

If you are a staff member at one of these schools who would be able to help us recruit students please also fill in the Google sheet. Thank you in advance for any help!

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