Reducing CO2e waste through implementing remanufactured harmonic scalpels in laparoscopic surgery and replacing disposable surgical gowns with reusable surgical gowns

Krithea Baker
Krithea Baker • 28 November 2023

Project completed as part of the Hampshire Hospitals Green Team Competition 2023.

Team members: 

  • Laura Vale, Senior Operating Department Practitioner
  • Krithea Baker, Recovery Nurse Practitioner,
  • Gemma Beckett, Clinical and Operational Lead


  • Introduce remanufactures harmonic scalpels into laparoscopic gynaecology and colorectal surgery (purchasing a 67:33 ratio of remanufactured/new scalpels).
  • Switch from single use to reusable surgical gowns. Potential impact is based on a switch across the Trust theatres


Scalpels save 395 kgCO2e and £50,524 per year. No difference was noted by staff or for patient outcomes with use of a refurbished scalpel.

Reusable gowns save 52.5 tonnes CO2e and £23,310 per year. 98.6% staff found the reusable gowns clinically acceptable.


Click here for more information on the Green Team Competition (including organisation impact reports).


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