Scottish Paediatric Society Prize for Climate Change

Rosie Spooner
Rosie Spooner • 2 October 2023


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The Scottish Paediatric Society Prize for Research related to the Effect of  Climate Change on Children and Young People. 

Climate change is a major risk for the future to children and young people. Lack of action to avert the  impact of climate change will adversely affect the physical and mental health of children and young  people. 

Positive health benefits could accrue from changes to the way we generate energy, reduce waste,  and improve air quality and housing standards. 

The Scottish Paediatric Society would like to recognise the urgent need to provide research evidence  on the effects of climate change on the health, both physical and mental, of children and young  people, and encourage projects that evidence the positive benefits to their health by changes in  practice within health settings. 

This prize would be awarded for relevant research, audit, or a significant project development that provides evidence of influencing the health of children and young people. 

Some examples or relevant areas to consider may be: 

Direct effects of pollution on children and young people’s health 

Reduced plastic waste by change in NHS prescribing practice e.g. inhalers Influencing NHS recognition in a hospital or community setting of the need for action in  relation to climate change 

Diseases related to increased climate extremes 

Mental Health concerns related to climate change 

The prize will be awarded for a significant piece of work in this important area, and will be presented  on an annual basis. 

The presentation of this award is planned to be at the St Andrew’s Day Celebration Meeting on  10th November 2023 at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh

Further information about how to apply available from Dr. Lynn Macleod Honorary Secretary SPS. E-mail; 

Deadline for abstract submissions is midnight on Sunday 8th October 2023 

St Andrew's Day  

Symposium Announcement & Draft Programme.pdf 

 Further information on program.

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