SLTSusnet 27/09/23 Meeting Notes

Talie Smith
Talie Smith • 30 September 2023

We had 8 Attendees at our event this month all SLT’s from a variety of areas:

Paediatric SLT, Adult Acute, Adult progressive Neuro, Student SLT’s, retired SLT, ALD and Autism diagnostics.

Focus today:

Development of Accessible Leaflets for the people we work with to support them to talk about and understand Climate Change.

Lilias has put together 4 leaflets with young adults with learning and/ language needs in mind. Created on Canva using Communicate in Print and Widget symbols. We helped Lilias develop them a bit more and looked at any changes we could make to adapt them so they are suitable for other SLT areas outside of paediatrics.

Leaflet Titles:

1.Climate change

2. Speaking Up

3. Sustainability

4. Reducing waste

As well as Flash Cards about Climate Change


The concept of Sustainability and the terms we need to use themselves are complex therefore do not lend themselves to being accessible!

Generally excellent leaflets well done Lilias! Some changes suggested e.g. changes to symbols used ‘make’ ‘sew’ could be used in re-use section, structure of content such as changing hierarchy to Reduce, Re-use, Repair, Recycle. Could have another leaflet ‘Healthy People, Healthy Planet’ to highlight links between climate and health and include air pollution in this. Review cut short due to discussion about SLTsusnet operational future.

Invited attendees opinions on future operation of SLTsusnet after contact from CSH Network co-ordinator. Concerns raised of dilution of SLT relevant issues if we continued only in an AHP Network. Recognition that as a network and team we have achieved some great work in the last 2 years and that we would like to reach a wider audience and bring more SLT’s together to talk about sustainability.


Lilias to make some changes to leaflet 1

SLTsusnet group to think about and suggest concepts for Healthy People Health Planet leaflet.

Resume leaflet discussion in November.

Sivan to respond to CSH about future operation of SLTsusnet suggesting we continue as a separate SLT specific Network for now with increased activity.

Suzie to poll members through social media and CSH network to ask what they would like our network to achieve in the next 6 months so we can feed these into 3 key goals.

Talie to share CSH How to keep your Network active guidance again.

Team Publicise next months meeting as widely as possible.

Change Eventbrite meeting info and Zoom link to 1.5h event with Presentation, discussion, networking and admin and cuppa as an optional last 30mins.

Next Month:

Kerry Student SLT presenting her Literature review of Sustainability in SLT

Date: 25th October 7pm

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