Support Package for Dental Clinics Going Green

Fariha Anwar
Fariha Anwar • 14 February 2024

Hi everyone,

I used to be a dentist who's now working as a Business Support Manager at a non-profit (weird, I know lolz).

We are currently running a Green Business Programme funded by the UK government to help businesses (based in Cambridge city, South Cambridgeshire, and Huntingdonshire) reduce their carbon footprint. Since dental industry has a significant environmental impact, I’d like to invite your dental practice to join this programme. You will receive:

  1. Free Consultancy: Our team of sustainability experts will help you free-of-cost to measure your current carbon footprint and develop a roadmap to achieve Net Zero.
  2. Benefits for the Practice: Reducing carbon footprint can help your dental practice lower operational costs, attract environment-conscious patients, and keep up with the evolving environmental regulations.
  3. Grant Opportunity: Upon completion of the programme, you can apply for a match-funded grant of up to £5,000 to invest in carbon-reducing technology or infrastructure.

The programme typically requires up to 12 hours of commitment over 6 weeks.

Apply for the Green Business Programme or Register Your Interest and our team will reach out to answer any questions you may have. You can also share your queries here.

Looking forward to your contribution in saving the planet.


Fariha A.


Comments (2)

Emma Vittery
Emma Vittery

Hi Fariha, is this restricted to certain locations and/or to community dental practices? Would there be any support for orthodontic services for example? BW Emma

Fariha Anwar
Fariha Anwar

Hi Emma,

All sorts of private dental practices or service providers based in Cambridge city, South Cambridgeshire, or Huntingdonshire can participate.

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