SusQI case study - "Improving the sustainability of the carpal tunnel release procedure”

Alice Clack
Alice Clack • 7 August 2023

Please watch and share this case study presented recently by Mr Preetham Kodumuri, Consultant in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery, Wrexham Maelor Hospital, at our recent CSH SusQI showcase event. Also, do share your work with us.

"Improving the sustainability of the carpal tunnel release procedure”  

Talk Synopsis:

  • Carpal tunnel release surgery is a common orthopaedic procedure, and therefore a hotspot of resource use within the department.  

  • The team worked to identify unnecessary surgical instruments and drapes and were able to introduce a new ‘lean and green’ surgical set-up. 

  • Additionally, they adapted the pathway so that the surgery was performed in a procedure room rather than in theatre, and so that patients bypassed ward admission and instead attended the procedure area at a given appointment time  

  • A 65% reduction in clinical waste, 80% reduction in carbon footprint, and 65% reduction in cost was achieved. there were no adverse patient outcomes.  

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