Sustainable Practices in Paediatric SaLT

Lilias Jeffery
Lilias Jeffery • 9 November 2023

In paediatric speech therapy, one impactful way we can promote sustainability is through the thoughtful use of materials.

Opt for reusable tools like whiteboards and digital resources for exercises. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also provides an interactive learning experience. Encourage parents to engage in therapy at home with eco-friendly activities, like DIY speech games using recyclable materials.

Use digital assessments and progress tracking tools for a paperless approach. We're reducing paper waste and minimizing our environmental footprint. This also streamlines our practice.

Consider incorporating reusable AAC tools like communication boards and aided language displays into therapy sessions. These aids not only minimise waste but also provide valuable visual support for children with communication differences.

Explore the use of digital apps designed for speech therapy exercises. These interactive tools not only engage young people but also reduce the need for physical materials, aligning with our commitment to a more sustainable practice.

By incorporating sustainable practices into our speech therapy, we not only benefit our environment but can create an inclusive practice that sets a positive example for the next generation of speech therapists. Together, we can make a lasting impact one green step at a time.

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