There's still time to apply for trees for this season!

Harriet White
Harriet White • 22 January 2024

Hello, It's Hattie from the NHS Forest here! reminding you that there are a little over three weeks left to apply for trees to plant this season. Apply now to avoid disappointment and to get those trees in the ground before the spring 

Tree planting on healthcare sites - NHS ForestFulbourn Hospital planted 100 trees on their site
Fulbourn Hospital planted 100 trees on their site

There are so many reasons to plant trees on NHS England sites for human health and wellbeing now and into the future, this article lays out all the key reasons: Why do humans need trees for health? Here’s what you need to know  - NHS Forest

Any questions- email

If you've received trees from us this season please comment below, we'd love to hear how its gone :)

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