Turning the tide on disposability in Women's Health

Amy Manning
Amy Manning • 10 June 2024

Join us for our next sustainable women's health network event on the 24th June between 7pm and 8pm.

Topic - Consumables in O+G

Talk 1 - Sustainable healthcare and the NHS supply chains, Prof Mahmood Bhutta

Talk 2 - Reintroducing reusable metal specula - a case study, Dr Rachel Drayton


Professor Mahmood Bhutta (DPhil FRCS) is the inaugural Chair in ENT Surgery and Professor of Sustainable Healthcare at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, and Honorary Consultant and Clinical Green Lead for University Hospitals Sussex. He is the founder of the BMA Medical Fair and Ethical Trade Group and chair of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change Greener Surgery Report.

Dr Rachel Drayton is a consultant in GU medicine and HIV, and has been working in the Department of Sexual Health in Cardiff since 2010. She has been Clinical Director of the service since 2020. She has been interested in minimising the environmental impact of healthcare for several years and is co-chair of the newly formed Sustainability Special Interest Group for the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV. Her other interests include sexual dysfunction and bacterial STIs.

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