Unmask My City: Anti-air pollution campaign launched in Europe

Ingeborg Steinbach
Ingeborg Steinbach • 2 May 2017

The anti-air pollution campaign 'Unmask My City' has been launched today, 2nd May, coinciding with World Asthma Day 2017. It is a global initiative by doctors, nurses, public health practitioners, and allied healthcare professionals dedicated to improving air quality and reducing emissions in our cities.

The campaign calls for all cities to meet the World Health Organization’s air quality guidelines and to adopt policies and programmes that will put cities on a path towards meeting this objective.

Air pollution in Europe is responsible for around 467,000 premature deaths in Europe every year. Three quarters of the European Union’s population lives in urban areas and this percentage will increase to 80% by 2020. Cleaner air will save lives, improve health, and make a huge contribution to greenhouse gas reductions needed to keep the world safe from climate change crises.

Following the launch today, European city campaigns are being rolled out in Warsaw, Poland (13 May), in Adana, Istanbul and Hatay, Turkey (15 May); in Belgrade, Serbia (4 May) and in London by UK Health Alliance for Climate Change. Other launches include Salt Lake City, US; Chennai and Ahmedabad, India; Sao Paulo, Brazil.



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