Week 4 : Paper use

Frances Balmer
Frances Balmer • 5 August 2023

Week 4 and we're focusing on paper use in the ED. Despite the fact the NHS is undergoing a digital transformation, we still use huge volumes of paper in ED.

3 actions on the GreenED framework address this - find out more on the GreenED website here

GreenED paper framework actions

A ream of virgin paper has a CF of 20kg CO2e Your procurement team will know how much paper your ED uses - we bet the amount will surprise you.

CF paper

A good starting point is to look at where your ED is using paper and ask...

  • is this document even needed? 
  • if yes, can it be replaced with a digital version? 
  • f no, can we streamline to less pages?
  • can we switch to recycled instead of virgin paper?
  • are we recycling our waste paper?

Reduce paper use

For example, the Emergency Department at UHCW streamlined the unnecessary pages of their CAS cards with significant savings



The Emergency Department at Royal Preston Hospital are introducing digital versions of their patient information leaflets, accessible via QR code, to reduce paper waste and improve accessibility.

We'd love to hear your approaches. Please comment below:


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Sivan  Coleman
Sivan Coleman

Hi do you have any suggestions for handover sheets? They are really useful for being able to practically hand-write additional notes and am wondering if anyone has any clever alternatives or tips.

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