We're Hiring! EU Horizon Project Manager: Benchmarking Tool & Best Practice Guidance Development

Rachael Ward
Rachael Ward • 16 November 2023

About the Horizon Europe Project: ‘KitNewCare’

The Horizon Europe initiative is the EU’s key funding programme for innovation and research to tackle climate change and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. CSH is part of a consortium of organisations across the UK and EU that has been funded by Horizon Europe to develop and disseminate a model for sustainable healthcare. The ‘KitNewCare’ project will focus on the medical specialty of kidney care, due to its large disease burden (e.g. 10% of Europeans have impaired kidney function severe enough to impact their health status) and its significant resource footprint, particularly in the use of dialysis in clinical settings. The main pilot sites are in Poland, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. The project comprises several inter-related work packages, with different organisations leading or contributing to each package. These include: developing the knowledge base of sustainability trends, costs, hotspots and solutions across the EU; piloting organisational and workflow optimisations and technological innovations to improve sustainability in kidney care; and upscaling, disseminating and implementing solutions identified through the development of guidance, toolkits and training resources.

  • EU Horizon Project Manager: Benchmarking Tool & Best Practice Guidance Development (Job reference code: EU Horizon Project Manager WP5)

The Project Manager for Benchmarking Tool & Best Practice Guidance Development will be responsible for the successful delivery of Work Package 5 (Best Practice Guidance and Tools), which focuses on the design and development of a benchmarking dashboard and converting the results of the project into green kidney care guidelines. This will involve monitoring and managing the relevant milestones, deliverables and risk registers. The Project Manager will link with the software company and part-time local project coordinators in 4 pilot clinical sites (in Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Poland) to design, pilot and evaluate the dashboard. The role will involve coordinating with other Work Packages including on training of local teams (WP6), developing a life cycle assessment model (WP2) and impact evaluation of changes to organisational and workflow optimisations (WP3).

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