Planetary Health Alliance principles and education framework

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This inspirational short film from the Planetary Health Alliance (PHA) tells the story of humanity, illuminating the interconnectedness of humans and earth. We, as humans, have allowed the myth of our own exceptionalism to create a rupture between humanity and the natural world we depend on, creating a spiritual crisis alongside the ecological and global health crisis. Throughout history we have separated ourselves from nature as we mined minerals, burned fossil fuels and felled forests. This planet is fragile, and we are waking up to Planetary Health - understanding that our own degradation to natural systems is a direct threat to human health. We have the solutions, from circular economic design to greener food systems, but will we act?

Planetary Health education is essential to ignite a force for movement to protect our planet. The Planetary Health Education Framework (PHEF) has been created by the PHA to embed the teaching of Planetary Health into curricula, to enable learners to drive transformative change for a healthier planet. The framework is a common foundational language for learners and educators across the world, serving as a dynamic planning tool for institutional, curriculum and course design. At its core are five domains: Interconnection with Nature, the Anthropocene and Health, Systems thinking / Complexity-based Approaches in Planetary Health, Equity and Social Justice, and Movement Building and Systems Change. See the attached files for more information on the framework.

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