World Health Day 2022 resources

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Today is World Health Day, and the theme this year is our planet, our health. It challenges us to reimagine our economy, society & health for a healthier tomorrow. 

To help you take action to protect our planet and our health, we have published two new blogs this week:

  1. Climate change mitigation and adaptation: a guide for health and care professionals | A bold, united response is required for both climate change mitigation and adaptation; we must reduce our contribution to the climate crisis whilst also creating resilience to respond to its impacts. Learn about mitigation and adaptation, and our role as health and care professionals ->
  2. World Health Day 2022 | Urgent actions are needed to keep humans and the planet healthy and to foster a movement to create societies focused on well-being. Learn about health, wellbeing & the environment and how you can get involved on World Health Day (and beyond) ->

NHS healthcare staff in England can also access free e-learning:

  1. The Environmentally Sustainable Healthcare programme | Building a Net Zero NHS & Environmental Sustainability in Quality Improvement ->
  2. All Our Health: Climate change | A bite sized session that gives health and care professionals an overview of climate change  ->

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