“Sustainability for Healthcare Management: A Leadership Imperative” (2018)

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Have you read this piece by Carrie Rich, J. Knox Singleton and Seema S. Wadhwa?

“The importance of educating current healthcare leaders about sustainability should not be underestimated. For many rising healthcare leaders sustainability is part of their core ethos, part of their upbringing. But for many “experienced” healthcare leaders sustainability has not been part of their training, and in some cases may not be part of their personal experience or value system. And yet, sustainability is central to the role of healthcare leaders of all generations – to be informed about sustainability, to understand it, to be able to represent it, and to achieve positions of organizational clout while embracing sustainability as an ethical responsibility and a moral imperative.”

A few important recommendations:

  • Framing the sustainability discussion in the language of the organization’s mission and responsibilities will help achieve buy-in. Make sustainability part of the work of the organization as often and as much as possible.
  • Find an executive in the organization to champion the sustainability cause: the more executive the champion, the better. Once this person is identified, use him or her sparingly to help promote sustainability at the appropriate times. He or she will be an important source of insights into the organizational triggers for accomplishing sustainability goals.
  • Avoid the “bleeding edge” phenomenon. When starting out, it is important to build momentum by implementing sustainability practices that will really work. Demonstrating early successes will increase the visibility and credibility of the sustainability program, and increase the likelihood that leadership throughout the organization will be engaged in and excited about sustainability
  • Be clear from the beginning about what is expected of key individuals and the timeline for achieving goals.


How can you consider these recommendations and promote sustainability in eye care?

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