UK attitudes towards waste in cataract surgery

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Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed surgery in the world and the UK. Therefore, there are a number of papers looking at carbon footprint of cataract surgery and ways to reduce it.

In the UK, 1 phacoemulsification procedure generated the same CO2 emissions as driving a car for 310 miles. However, in the Arvind Eye Care System in India, 1 case only generated CO2 emission that's equivalanet to driving a car for 16 miles. Not only that, the Arvind Eye Care System has the same if not lower endophthalmitis rates. So what is stopping us from heading towards lower emissions? What is stopping us from reducing waste in theatre?

We have released a survey for cataract surgeons and scrub nurses to relay their views on what is driving high waste, and their attitudes towards waste. This project is in collaboration with Professor Chang and Professor Thiel in the US, who are well-known worldwide for their work on sustainbility in ophthalmology. 

So if you are a cataract surgeon or scrub nurse, please complete the survey below. It will only take 10-15minutes to complete.

The survey asks for emails and names but is completely annoymous, the names and emails are kept to prevent duplicate responses, and for you to come back to the survey should you get pulled away.

Thank you for your participation in advance!

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