Nurses Drawdown 2021 Webinar Series

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'Starting April 14, every two weeks we will be holding a one hour webinar on each of the five areas of action. You’ll hear from international experts and we hope be inspired for action. We are also able to offer 1 hour of free continuing education credit for each webinar. All of the webinars will be recorded so please sign up even if you can’t attend live and we will automatically send you the recording'.

To register for the webinars please follow the links below. 

Mobility April 28 12pm EST

Nature-based solutions May 12 12pm EST

Energy May 26 12pm EST

Gender-Equity June 9 12pm EST

For more information about Nurses Drawdown please visit the website at


Nature-based solutions webinar May 12th

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Thank you for posting about the series! I am co-presenting at the May 12th "Nature Based Solutions" webinar and look forward to meeting many of you there :)

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