Thank you to our Occupational Therapy Sustainability Volunteers

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A (belated) happy new year to all our Occupational Therapy Susnet members! 

This month marks one year since we created our three Occupational Therapy Sustainability Volunteer roles at CSH.  I’d like to say a special big thank you to Sam, Niamh, Kat and Ffion for all their hard work over the past year! 

Niamh continues to develop resources for the website and Sam continues to explore case studies in sustainable occupational therapy practice and occupational therapists' role in the NHS Forest.  If you have any suggestions for resources or case studies then do please get in touch with them. 

The voluntary role exploring the inclusion of sustainability within occupational therapy education was held by Kat (who wrote about her experience here), before Ffion stepped in to carry on the good work.  Ffion helped write a report for the last COTED meeting about results from an OT educators sustainability survey, then unfortunately she quickly had to leave the role before she’d even properly introduced herself to you all!  I’m now pleased to welcome Jenny to this education role, who will indeed be writing an introductory post soon. 

I hope that 2018 treats all Occupational Therapy Susnet members very well!  Do please keep us posted about sustainability developments in occupational therapy wherever you may be.


Sustainability symposium in Brighton - 27th April

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Hi Ben and others. 

Sounds like some fantastic sustainability related intiatives happening in the OT world - would any of you be able to come to University of Brighton on 27th April and do a presentation on something related to sustainability and OT practice?  Or NHS Forest?  Or sustainaiblity in healthcare education?  

If you are unable to come on the day, we have a poster display area and if you can send me a poster as a PDF file, I can print the poster off and make this available on the day.  The call for abstract deadline is for 18 Jan 16:00, but if someone is keen to do a presentation or poster, an email by then is fine and abstract can be done later on.  

Please do share with others who may be interested in submitting a poster or oral presentation or just to come on the day.  Would be great to have lots of OT involvement at this event!  Thanks!

Heather Baid, School of Health Sciences, University of Brighton



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