WFOT Launches Guiding Principles for Sustainability in Occupational Therapy

Ben Whittaker's picture

Last week saw the launch of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists publication ‘Sustainability Matters: Guiding Principles for Sustainability in Occupational Therapy Practice, Education and Scholarship’.   You can download a copy freely from the WFOT Resource Centre here (choose ‘Publications’ from the scroll down menu).   This is the WFOT’s second set of guiding principles after ‘Diversity Matters: Guiding Principles on Diversity and Culture’ from 2009. 

‘Sustainability Matters’ is intended to encourage thinking, discussion, and practice related to the reader’s occupational therapy specialty.  It does not provide definite answers.  Rather, it encourages people to develop awareness of the topic of sustainability, its effect on occupational performance, health, and wellbeing, and to develop educational and practice approaches that are relevant to their specific circumstances.

I’ve found it a great experience to be part of the WFOT sustainable practice project group and work with such an excellent international team in developing these guiding principles.   ‘Sustainability Matters’ follows on from: the WFOT position statement on environmental sustainability in 2012; WFOT aligning itself with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2015; and the inclusion of sustainability issues in the WFOT’s 'Minimum Standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists' in 2016.  

We think that ‘Sustainability Matters’ is the first such publication by an international body for a health profession, but if anyone is aware of any others then do get in touch!  And please do comment below if you have any thoughts about these Guiding Principles for Sustainability in Occupational Therapy.   

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