Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is recruiting!

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Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is recruiting


How can the environment contribute to people‚Äôs health? Should healthcare professionals engage with climate change? How can we mainstream environmental interventions within health and social care systems?  Do you want to take a lead role in this important transformation?

If you have worked on this interface from either the health or the environment side, and want a new challenge, working with a friendly and dynamic team, this is a great opportunity for you to use your expertise.

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is recruiting a new person to lead local and national programmes to take forward this agenda in both the health and environment sectors. The position will provide the opportunity to develop your existing skills in writing proposals, project development and management, and managing external partnerships, while growing your understanding of environmental sustainability as it relates to health. You will lead on our business development for greenspace and identifying opportunities in the market. You will have time to make presentations at national and international meetings, write reports and papers and expand vibrant networks with excellent collaboration. You will help us to build a strong team in this area.

Applications close in one week, on Monday 18th April at 5pm.

For details please see http://sustainablehealthcare.org.uk/news/2016/03/we-are-hiring

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